Schroders Personal Wealth (ACD) Investment Documentation

Welcome to our fund documentation centre where you’ll find all the key documents associated with your investments. We’ve included a brief description of each of them below to help you find what you need.

Key Investor Information Documents (KIIDs) - these summarise the key information relating to individual funds, including the risks.

Supplementary Investor Information Documents (SIIDs) - should be read alongside the relevant KIID as together they summarise important information about the General Investment Account / ISA and funds in our range. If you’re invested through one of our ISAs, the SIID also contains the Terms and Conditions for this.

Prospectuses - are legal documents that contain information about the make-up of your funds, how they’re invested, the risks involved, details about the fund manager, fees and expenses and other information.

Factsheets – are updated regularly and show share-class performance as well as providing fund manager commentary, the top 10 holdings and (where relevant) a breakdown of the underlying investments in the fund.

What next?

If you want to make a new investment, top up an existing investment or switch between different funds, you’ll find all the relevant forms below.

Before taking any further action you should:

  • Read the latest version of the KIID for the fund you want to invest in – these can be accessed via the links below
  • Complete the relevant application form – we’ve included application forms for a new investment (both ISA and General Investment Account), a fund-switch form and a fund-top-up form. We’ve also included an ISA Transfer (In) Form if you want to transfer a stocks and shares ISA held elsewhere to Schroders Personal Wealth.

The following forms are available for you to download and complete:


General Investment Account (GIA)

If you have a Personal Discretionary Portfolio Service please speak to your adviser first.

All Schroders Personal Wealth (ACD) documents are effective as from 9th December 2019.

SIID: Multi-Manager and Investment Portfolio Investment Companies with Variable Capital (ICVCS)

Fund NameShare ClassPrice (pence)As At DateKIIDProspectusFactsheet
Cautious SolutionX Acc185.023/01/2020  *
G Acc133.123/01/2020  *
A Acc157.323/01/2020  *
G Inc114.223/01/2020  *
A Inc115.123/01/2020  *
Strategic SolutionA Acc195.523/01/2020  *
G Acc159.923/01/2020  *
X Acc236.123/01/2020  *
Discovery SolutionG Acc142.123/01/2020  *
G Inc123.323/01/2020  *
X Acc200.223/01/2020  *
A Inc128.923/01/2020  *
A Acc171.823/01/2020  *
Asset AllocatorA Acc134.123/01/2020  *
P Inc127.123/01/2020  *
Balanced SolutionX Acc216.923/01/2020  *
A Acc179.923/01/2020  *
G Acc150.923/01/2020  *
Adventurous SolutionX Acc274.123/01/2020  *
G Acc183.423/01/2020  *
A Acc227.023/01/2020  *
Defensive SolutionA Inc108.623/01/2020  *
A Acc145.023/01/2020  *
X Acc170.423/01/2020  *
G Inc112.023/01/2020  *
G Acc128.423/01/2020  *
Dynamic SolutionX Acc263.823/01/2020  *
G Acc174.423/01/2020  *
A Acc218.523/01/2020  *
IPS Growth PortfolioQ Inc182.923/01/2020  *
X Inc167.223/01/2020  *
X Acc201.923/01/2020  *
A Acc218.723/01/2020  *
P Inc183.123/01/2020  *
IPS Income PortfolioA Acc144.823/01/2020  *
Q Inc116.823/01/2020  *
X Acc141.823/01/2020  *
IPS Higher Income PortfolioX Inc113.823/01/2020  *
Q Inc117.223/01/2020  *
MM International EquityP373.723/01/2020  *
X457.023/01/2020  *
B434.223/01/2020  *
A384.223/01/2020  *
Q Inc373.823/01/2020  *
MM UK Equity FocusP Inc206.923/01/2020  *
B Acc148.923/01/2020  *
A254.723/01/2020  *
X Acc254.623/01/2020  *
Q Inc206.923/01/2020  *
MM Global Real Estate SecuritiesA Inc189.623/01/2020  *
P Inc204.023/01/2020  *
C Acc219.723/01/2020  *
X Acc305.723/01/2020  *
B Inc168.023/01/2020  *
Q Inc204.823/01/2020  *
B Acc194.823/01/2020  *
A Acc262.823/01/2020  *
MM UK Equity GrowthA Acc248.723/01/2020  *
B Inc168.723/01/2020  *
X Acc253.823/01/2020  *
Q Inc195.623/01/2020  *
B Acc145.423/01/2020  *
MM UK Equity IncomeC Inc114.123/01/2020  *
P153.823/01/2020  *
Q Inc154.623/01/2020  *
C Acc149.523/01/2020  *
B Acc148.423/01/2020  *
X Acc251.823/01/2020  *
A Acc250.723/01/2020  *
A Inc117.823/01/2020  *
B Inc115.123/01/2020  *

* Factsheets for month ending December 2019 will be available by 24th January 2020. The November 2019 Factsheets can be found on the Scottish Widows website.


In the normal course of business transaction costs are incurred by the funds when the fund managers buy and sell investments. Please refer to the Schroders Personal Wealth Transaction Costs document for the transaction costs for your fund(s).

For details of our remuneration policy, please click here.